4 Tips for installing tile floors

4 Tips for installing tile floors

Tile floors improve the beauty of a room and are not difficult to lay, really. For a novice, laying tiles may sound like a daunting task to engage in and best left in the hands of professionals. The 4 tips for installing tile floors listed below proffers a simple way to getting the job done like a professional.
1. Measure Your Floor: The reason why this is necessary is simply for the purpose of knowing how much square foot of tiles are required to cover the entire floor. With the aid of a tape measure, round all measurements to the nearest foot. For rooms that are either square or rectangular-shaped, a simple multiplication of the length by width will give you the total area to the nearest square foot. Odd-shaped rooms, on the other hand, will require the use of pencil to mark square and rectangular sections. Simply add them up after measuring the various sections.

2. Prepare The Surface: Do not just place the tiles you bought after measuring on the floor without preparing the surface. This process involves the removal of existing flooring or residual adhesive among others. The idea is to have the floor level and may involve filling any existing low spots and cracks, In the case of concrete floors. For wood framings, ensure that the subfloor is dry and well secured to the joists. Then, cover with cement backer board using either a handsaw or jamb saw to trim the jamb after screwing tight using screws that are resistant to corrosion. Here is how to prepare the surface for tiles.

3. Lay The Tiles: Use chalk to pop lines on the floor to act as a guide on how you should lay the tile. Maximizing the aesthetic appeal of the tiles you purchased begins with having a layout of how you want them placed. Go ahead to lay the tiles following the layout made with your chalk.

4. Put Finishing Touches: At this stage, the room floor is now covered with your fine-looking tiles. Now is the time to check the edges to ensure there are no overlaps. Clean the floor to remove any sign of the glue used as well as give the tiles a shine.

These easy steps can easily be followed to lay your tiles like a professional. In addition to the fact that it saves you some money, your room will look great as a result. All it takes are 4 simple steps – measure, prepare your floor surface, lay the tiles purchased and apply some finishing touches.

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